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Dental Tourism

Dental Holiday in Turkey

Ever wondered about getting Dental Treatment in Turkey?

Turkey has surged in popularity for dental tourism due to its high-quality standards and significantly lower costs compared to the UK dental industry, with savings of up to 80%. You can receive top quality medical care, as well as spend time in a beautiful location. At Perla Dental Clinics, we have been offering a range of poplar dental treatments in Antalya in Turkey for many years. We cater for people visiting us from all over Europe, including the UK, as well as from further afield in the USA or UAE. Our clinic is situated in the heart of Antalya, a beautiful coastal resort known for its rich history, welcoming atmosphere and clear blue waters.

What to Expect

Our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Antalya provides patients with the latest in pioneering dental technology. We ensure the highest clinical hygiene standards and a professional, caring team. All dental work is guaranteed and our prices are both competitive and flexible. You will receive excellent before and after care, with clear instructions to help your recovery and medications and pain relief provided.

By your side from Start to Finish

The process begins with a FREE, no-obligation dental treatment plan, which we prepare for you using your most recent dental x-rays, (well-lit) photographs and reports. Our patient co-ordinators will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your experience is smooth and hassle-free, and to answer any questions you may have in your own language. We will also on hand to offer advice remotely after you have arrived back home.

Dental Tourism in Turkey

An Affordable Antalya Smile

Whether you are looking for affordable cosmetic dental care in Turkey or need help with an ongoing oral problem that’s causing you discomfort, we can help resolve your issue. Perla Dental Clinic can help put a smile back on your face, not least due to the beautiful setting of our clinic.

Be Our Guest…

We always advise staying on a few days after your dental treatment. This is to allow our professional team to check on your progress and give you the best after-care support we possibly can. However, this also gives you and your companions the perfect excuse to enjoy unrivalled Turkish hospitality and discover the many delights of Antalya – one of Europe’s most attractive tourism hotspots. We can help you find excellent hotels and enjoyable local restaurants, tourist activities and entertainment.

Why Choose Perla Dental Clinic for your Dental Treatment in Turkey?

Easy, Effective Oral Care

Perla Dental Clinic offers modern, hygienic facilities with professional dentists, working alongside experienced and compassionate nurses and assistants. Our materials and dental techniques are state-of-the art. Satisfied patients recommend us to their friends and colleagues time and time again. We are widely considered to be among the top dental clinics in Europe. From high standards and professional staff to beautiful surroundings and easy logistics, we are the number one choice for patients all over the UK, Europe and beyond. Our attentive admin team can even help you find the right hotel or accommodation for your needs and provide assistance with navigating your way around the city.

Logistics Sorted For You

We provide tree transport to and from the airport, your hotel or accommodation and our clinic for you and your companion. An assistant will be with you during your stay to answer questions and explain the process in your own language. Our aim is to make your experience with Perla Dental Clinic in Turkey as easy and relaxing as possible. This will give you the best possible chance to recover quickly and resume your everyday life once you arrive back home. Finally, we offer guarantees on all Perla Dental Clinic treatments, including lifetime guarantees for dental implants.

When considering dental treatments in Antalya, it’s essential to do thorough research, read reviews, and consult with the dental professionals to ensure that the clinic you choose aligns with your specific needs and expectations.

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Urgent dental concern? Don’t wait. Book an emergency appointment now and get the immediate care you need to relieve pain and protect your smile.

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Celebrating Success: Award Achiever

In a moment of great pride and accomplishment, we were celebrated as a Best Dental Health Care Award Achiever, recognizing their outstanding contributions and achievements in Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry categories.

Cost Comparison Tables

Cost of Dental Treatment in Turkey

ProcedureTurkeyUKUSASavings %
Single Dental Implant€630€3,100€4,70080%
All-on-4 Dental Implants€3,400€15,000€22,50080%
All-on-6 Dental Implants€4,700€16,800€26,20075%
All-on-8 Dental Implants€5,630€18,700€32,70075%
Crowns and Veneers    
Porcelain Crown for Implants (with Abutment)€245€800€30075%
Porcelain Veneer (per unit)€365€1,140€2,31575%
High-Quality Full Denture / Arch (Permanent)€500€1,060€4,63570%
Dental Bleaching    
Laser Teeth Whitening€340€1,110€1,67075%
Root Canal
Root Canal Treatment€120€1,725€1,39090%
Extraction and Fillings    
Wisdom Tooth Extraction€85€835€55590%
Composite Filling€45€275€23080%
Other Treatments    
CT Scan/3D Scan€20€230€55590%
Invisalign (per jaw)€2,180€6,100€6,48565%
Metal Braces€2,200€3,325€6,95050%

*Prices are case dependent

Smile Gallery

Reclaim the sparkle of your smile with Perla Dental Centre and look at life with a wider smile. Explore our Smile Gallery and be inspired by the stunning results we’ve delivered to our patients. Your journey to a brighter, more confident smile begins at Perla Dental Clinic.

Places to Visit In Antalya

Antalya, located on the stunning Turkish Riviera, offers a wealth of attractions and places to visit. Antalya offers a rich blend of history, natural beauty, and modern amenities, making it a fantastic destination for travelers seeking a diverse range of experiences.

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