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Questions to ask when planning your dental implants in Turkey

Going to Turkey for dental implant treatment is becoming a very popular option among people seeking affordable dental care. Dental tourism has many advantages, not least the chance to benefit from professional medical care in beautiful surroundings. However, undergoing a medical procedure such as dental implants in Turkey is a big step. It is very important to do plenty of research in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the trip.

Here are some questions to consider to ensure your safety, and to maximise the chances of successful dental implant treatment in Turkey.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants in Turkey?

Dental implant work carried out on someone who is unsuitable for the process can make things worse. It is vital that you consult your dentist before going ahead with any invasive treatments, especially if you are going abroad for them. You will need to talk about any allergies, medications and underlying health conditions that could inhibit your chances of successful dental implant surgery. After that, you will need to discuss the treatment with your chosen dental implants clinic in Turkey to ensure that they are willing and able to carry out the work.

Does your chosen clinic specialise in dental implants?

It may seem like an obvious point, but make sure that your chosen dental clinic in Turkey actually does offer dental implant surgery. It can be all too easy to get caught up on making travel and hotel bookings without checking that you will actually be able to receive the treatment you are hoping for. Ask plenty of questions about what exactly is involved, and how your appointment will work. The more informed you can be before you arrive, the more comfortable you will feel. Take time researching and choosing your surgery., You must feel confident that you are in good hands. Make sure the medical credentials of its teams are up-to-date and correct. Check reviews from previous patients around pre-surgery communications, medical treatment, cleanliness and after care.

What about the travel – and other logistics involved?

Another aspect of planning dental implant surgery in Turkey is how you will plan the logistics around your appointment. This will include travel, accommodation, what to bring with you and who you might bring with you to help. Buying tickets and booking things in advance will help take much of the uncertainty away at a time when you will need to focus on preparing for your medical procedure and staying as calm and relaxed as possible. If you need to take time of work, plan this well in advance. Consider taking a few extra days after you expect to be back home, just in case you hit any delays on the way back. The same goes for anyone accompanying you to Turkey to support you.

What is your timescale and budget for dental implants in Turkey?

Another important area to think about is when you should book in to have your dental implants in Turkey. There may be all kinds of considerations that come into play. For example, you may wish to arrange it around work commitments, family occasions or a holiday booking. You will also need to make sure that paying for the treatment is covered either through medical insurance or private funding., Check to see what is covered in any insurance policies. Some may cover more than others. Always make sure that you know how you are going to cover any additional expenses around travel, accommodation and after-care.

How will you deal with after care and follow-ups

Successful recovery from medical procedures like dental implants in Turkey rely on appropriate after care. Take time to rest and follow after-care instructions from your dental implant surgeon. Follow any dietary guidelines too. It might be worth getting the approved foods and drinks in in advance, or having someone do the shopping for you so that you are ready to go as soon as you return. Or, if you are staying in Turkey for a while after the procedure, make sure you know what you can eat – and some places to find the right food and drink. If you feel unwell, consult the clinic immediately and seek urgent medical assistance.