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What happens when you need to replace a damaged tooth?

If you lose your tooth, either by it being knocked out or through a medical condition, it can make you feel less confident to eat, speak and smile. Damage to a tooth can also impact on the other teeth surrounding it. They can move and become misaligned in the mouth. There can also be other issues such as trauma and the increased risk of infection or dry socket if the missing tooth is not replaced. Happily, there are several options available to replace a damaged tooth. Results are natural looking, comfortable and can last for many years.

Three solutions to replace a damaged tooth

Whether you are seeking treatment to replace a damaged tooth in the UK or Turkey, there are many choices available to you. The best solution will depend entirely on how badly the tooth has been damaged and how many have been knocked out or broken. Other factors will include age, overall health, other oral health conditions that you might be living with and cost. The following three options all have their pros and cons. They should be carefully considered to see if they are the right solution for you. They are all also available as options to replace a damaged tooth in Turkey. Here, you can get professional, quality care at reasonable prices.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a permanent, robust way to replace a damaged tooth. Results feel and look natural and can last a lifetime. Dental implants are also easy to look after as part of your ongoing oral hygiene routine.  The process begins with a full assessment. Then, a titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone. The bone is left for several weeks and allowed to fuse. A cap is added to temporarily replace the damaged tooth and protect the exposed screw.

After the jawbone has healed, the permanent implant is fixed. The dentist will then check on your progress and you can return to normal life. The implant will not harm the neighbouring teeth. It can help them, in fact, as it will prevent them from moving to fill the gap and becoming misaligned. Dental implants are regularly performed in clinics in Turkey and other countries. They are an effective way to replace a damaged tooth with a strong, aesthetically pleasing alternative.


Bridges cover the gap left by one or more missing tooth, as the name might suggest. It is a competitively priced solution to replace a damaged tooth or teeth. Artificial teeth are made to match the surrounding natural ones in colour, shape and size. These are then attached to the teeth sitting either side of the gap. Porcelain crowns are often used for this purpose. Bridges are fixed using a variety of methods. These can include wire or adhesive ‘wings’ that stick to the inner sides of the teeth.

Bridges can also be fixed using implants. This can be a useful hybrid option if there is a particularly large gap. It helps the bridge stay put more reliably and offers a longer-term solution when needing to replace a damaged tooth. When you have a bridge, it needs to be kept very clean. Food debris and bacteria can easily build up otherwise. Left untreated, this can lead to further damage, decay and gum disease.


Dentures have long been a preferred way to replace a damaged tooth. They can be used for just one tooth, or to cover wider gaps resulting from losing several teeth at once. Dentures also provide a natural, comfortable result. However, they come with the added bonus of not needing invasive surgery. Although you can get dentures from your dentist in the UK, many dental clinics in Turkey also offer denture assessment, manufacture, fitting and repair services at competitive prices.

Dentures are made individually to replace a damaged tooth and fill the gap precisely. They attach to adjacent teeth without damaging them or needing expensive implants or crowns. Additional artificial teeth can be added to a denture if needed later on. The dentures are held firmly in place to avoid damaging the jaw or the rest of the mouth or natural teeth. They can be removed for cleaning, eating and to sleep more comfortably at night.